Ready Made Garments


Ready Made Garments

Readymade garments operation is driven by many factors. Capacity, projections, cash flow plan, marketing, finance, supply chain, payroll, LC, accounts and inventory management. Each and every feature of RMG sector is essential for the smooth running of production and overall business.

Innoweb’s Business Process Automation and robotic process automation combinedly provides a solution which covers all the features in a micro and macro level to run a RMG business.

The system allows to build a macro planning scheme which examines the external factors that affects the business. The system can be designed according to the user’s choice as to how production will be carried out in a given period. The user can define weekly capacity of cutting, sewing and finishing of the product based on physical layout facility.

It also has provisions to design a micro plan with specific purposes including day to day workings of men and machine. It allows to prepare detail plan of execution, define targeted efficiency.

Along with that the system has core accounting functions such as general ledger, accounts receivables and payables with compliance management.

Human resource management can be done according to the organization’s HR dynamics. The user can design and create their own process flow including different HR features to suit the needs of the business.

Inventory tracking system created to track and improve overall warehouse performance can enhance the growth of a RMG business. Picking, packing and shipping orders, managing new stocks and suppliers can be all done through the system.

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