Our Board management software provides a workspace for board members, chief executives, and other professionals in charge to stay organized, make timely decisions, and plan progress in a cohesive manner.
These collaborative tools allow access to agendas, documents, notes, calendars, and contacts that can be used to inform and fortify the corporate meeting process. Files can be uploaded within the workspaces, and users can then be assigned access according to their roles and clearance levels. These tools are most commonly executed among leadership teams, whether that be a parent committee or board of a large corporation. BoardMaestro can be used alongside structured or team collaboration tools that are open to involvement from employees or participants at varying levels of authority.
BoardMaestro reduces the time, effort, and paper spent in managing board meetings, and allows organizational leaders to collaborate easily during discussions and instantly review minutes, assign action points, conduct online voting and receive meeting packs. Boards can make informed decisions anytime, anywhere, as well as promote transparency and accountability through monitoring & tracking of actions and secure document storage. BoardMaestro is designed and developed with an emphasis on responding to the challenges of banks and other enterprise level organizations that require data protection, control, availability, and application security.
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Features of BoardMaestro

BoardMaestro provides your team with a complete suite of tools to make smarter decisions, remotely, in realtime. It enables directors and leaders to think critically and communicate seamlessl y – no matter where they are. So, when the meeting starts, directors are empowered to focus on strategy and outcomes. 

Easy to use
Meeting documents and feedback are digitalized for easier access and archiving.
Secure access of encrypted data with robust security policies.
BoardMaestro tools provided are meant for collaboration, quicker decision making and easy feedback on meeting documents.
View and update documents in real time on a tablet to reduce printing of meeting documents.
You can improve your process performance by assuring standardization and automation of work processes. This will allow reducing process costs and contribute effective use of corporate resources.
Majority of Company Secretary Personnel struggle with hundreds of paper throughout the day and sometimes they spend majority of their daily hours in front of a printer. However, BoardMaestro allws to share data with electronic forms and minimize the personal consumption of paper