Workflow Management System


Workflow Management System

Empowering our business users with the Robo2Mation workflow management  tool – A low-code, logic only, it enables business users to deploy business processes with speed and flexibility, no matter what the complexity.

The Robo2Mation Business Process Automation tool incorporates forms, workflow, document generation and decision making all in one place. This is a proven business process enablement tool. Built for business power users, it enables organizations to seamlessly build out online processes. From the simple every day to the more complex processes, we enable our customers to drive business process efficiency simply and intuitively.

With features such as document generation, conversion and business rules, it provides an end-to-end solution that incorporates data capture, business logic and document assembly as an output for business processes.

Robo2Mation BPA is designed to be configured by the people who understand your business need. Business consultants, power users, business analysts are all examples of people who use our tool to quickly create complete solutions. 

Our BPA Tool is proven and comprehensive:
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Features of BPA

As companies around the world grapple with a volatile economic environment, tough new competitors, and rapidly evolving technology, many are turning to business process automation (BPA). By introducing BPA into their organizations, business leaders can understand more clearly how well their key business processes are functioning—and where they can be streamlined, strengthened and automated. 


The Robo2mation BPA tool enables business change by allowing rapid prototyping of business solutions, which can be configured by the process owner or business decision maker, with an intuitive user interface to encourage adoption. 


Processes are delivered quickly, so that they are relevant from the moment they are enabled. There are features to monitor and refine the processes, when resource changes or external factors necessitate change.


Processes are adapted to the circumstances. Each time the process executes, business rules adjust resource assignments, data collection, steps executed and communications generated, so that every process is tailored to the specific circumstances at that time.


The user is presented with a full view of the process, its current status, future steps and past history. Process performance can be compared to benchmarks, with bottlenecks identified and investigated. Automated communications can be generated to drive resources to complete assigned steps. All information captured throughout the process is available for reporting.


A holistic, technology-neutral approach to automation that goes beyond point solutions to maximize overalls benefits for clients, leading organizations to improve flexibility
and reduce costs by automating their end-to-end processes 

All process steps are assigned to specific resources and the workflow record is stamped with their unique credentials when steps are completed.