Electronic Document Management System

Content management enables all authorized users to securely access critical information from anywhere, at any time.

Our Robo2Mation Content Management platform (a combination of EDMS + BPA Suites) provides an intuitive interface so users can easily access, share, and process information in just a few clicks. It accepts content such as paper (fax, mail, copies), digital files, video, images and email – so you can manage virtually any type of content in a secure, centralized repository.

More work gets done in less time, saving thousands or millions in labor and overhead costs, such as file storage space, shipping, and materials. Robo2Mation prevents loss of business-critical information with backup and recovery in the event of a disaster or business disruption. Business process automation speeds processing time from days to minutes, improving efficiency, accuracy, and your bottom line.

Our Electronic Document Management System is proven and comprehensive:
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Features of EDMS

Our Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) regulates corporate memory of an organization or establishment and helps preparing for a safe and healthy future. In other words, this system enables creating, keeping written and visual elements such as information, paper, document that are issued throughout lifecycle of companies as well as offering safe and fast online access to such information. In short, we can define it as paperless office management system. 


Our EDMS enables fast paperless office transformation with Capture and Workflow modules and you can share and monitor online all your work processes and corporate documents.

Our EDMS allows developing work processes that can be easily integrated with existing operational systems. The customizable layer allows fully compatible operation with the processes on the existing infrastructure of the company.
Code writing requirements might be minimized thanks to drag and drop technology and you can quickly transfer all your processes to the electronic environment.
You can define role based workflows and make processes independent from individuals. This will allow only replacing the person of that role when the workflow is changed. Hence, you will not need to revise your processes in case of dismissing personnel and vacation etc.
You can improve your process performance by assuring standardization and automation of work processes. This will allow reducing process costs and contribute effective use of corporate resources.
Majority of office personnel struggle with tens of paper throughout the day and sometimes they spend majority of their daily hours in front of a printer. However, you can use our EDMS to share data with electronic forms and minimize the personal consumption of paper