Enterprise Solution

Innoweb’s enterprise-based solutions are built to provide to a niche market. The solutions are build combining the functionalities of BPA and RPA. Innoweb’s enterprise solutions focus on end-to-end processes of a business instead of a single department. Before introducing the process an in-depth analysis of the businesses’ s inefficiencies is typically laid out.

Enterprise solutions also combine bots that imitate human tasks. These bots’ complete rule-based tasks which are performed by humans in a lot lesser period. These bots can log into systems, navigate page, input or extract relevant data and mimics the interactions humans have with the system.

Industries in finance, banking, healthcare, airline, shipping and many more have implemented RPA & BPA combined solutions to streamline processes, mitigate risks and increase productivity. Our enterprise-based solutions improve data analytics and accuracy through extracting data from different sources. In these processes inaccuracies and duplications are removed completely. Therefore, employees have more time to perform value added activities and not waste time in repetitive and cumbersome tasks.

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